Simply put, Strategy Group helps community initiatives succeed.  Our expertise includes:


• Community Care Management •  includes health risk assessments, physical exams, behavioral counseling, self management support and care management program development. Through personalized health care and coordination services, physicians and hospitals are able to improve patient outcomes, increase access to care and enhance the overall health and well-being of residents within the community. 

• Sustainability Planning •  includes research, marketing assistance, assessments, resource development, and community coalition building to ensure program sustainability. Through consultation and support, grassroots organizations are more realistically able to sustain programs and community services.

• Community Organizing •  mobilizes community supporters and assists with building coalitions, networks, and strategic partnerships. We conduct basic advocacy training and facilitate planning and goal setting negotiations; mediate and bridge gaps between diverse cultures; and helps develop and advance local and state policy.


Strategy Planning •  provides guidance and direction to ensure organizations have designed and implemented a plan to achieve their missions. We design training and workshops to strengthen leadership; we support collaboration to enforce activism and civic engagement.

• Evaluation •  measures effectiveness of programs. The Strategy Group oversees the evaluation process, prepares periodic reports evaluating effectiveness of programs, and determines where new research is necessary to refine targets using a mix of appropriate qualitative & quantitative data in addition to social marketing evaluation research tools.

We help organizations by ensuring:

• Human and financial capital investment transforms into program sustainability.
• State-wide and local initiatives are strategic in achieving program objectives.
• Program goals are specific measurable, accurate, realistic, timely (SMART).
• Expert technical support is available to meet staff, volunteer and program needs.
• Program success through designing outcome evaluation systems.

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