Strategy Group has over 20 years of experience implementing change strategies primarily in local under served communities. Our team of skilled consultants focus on delivering proven methodologies and strategies to address community deficiencies, such as poor health outcomes, violence, poverty, unemployment, and low educational attainment.

Strategy Group brings a unique perspective and a mix of culturally diverse competencies to help improve results within the local community. By helping to bridge the gap and working directly with business, community and corporate leaders as well as policy makers, funding agencies, and public/ human services organizations, we are able to ensure that high-risk communities are empowered.

Who We Serve:

Foundations & Corporate/Individual Philanthropists

Our firm ensures your investment is maximized through our strategic planning, organizational development, leadership coaching and technical consultation services in your community of interest.

Associations & Non-Profit Executive Leadership

Achieve your programmatic and community project goals, on target and on time.  We provide the expertise to augment, coach and develop your team to increase collective skill sets and capacity, and attract financial resources for sustainment.

Community Leaders, Organizers & Program Managers

We assist you with the tools to achieve positive change from within your community. We help you identify, develop and launch local leaders to think strategically and work in collaboration for long-term results.

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